Artist Ronny Bank

Ronny Bank (b. 1971 / Larvik, Norway), is a Norwegian painter well known for his humoristic approach with a reference to the daily life which sometimes can be serious depending how a person looks at it. What is there to see? And what kind of visual reality meets us in the cacophonous, postmodern society?

He caricatures, parodies and portray characters, stories and own memories from his childhood. Toying and playing around with emotions that is still in him! Forgotten memories that emerge again!? The fantasies he used to play around with… is it still in him? But perhaps most importantly as he says himself - "What remains of me, the original me, from that time. Am I still a child? Or am I just a grown up?"

Ronny Bank asks these questions in his paintings. He goes into the culture that surrounds us on a daily basis, the seemingly incoherent amount of images and expressions that confront us in the mass media, in movies, TV series, commercials, all the modern mythologies, the way Andy Warhol did before him, but where Warhol transmitted the photographic presentation directly to the canvas via silk screen - be it Elvis with a gun, Marilyn Monroe or the electric chair.

He consider himself a bit of an artistic DJ that plays around with other people's hits, and intertwine it with his own thoughts and experiences. All his works are inspired by 60s, 70s and 80s comics, cartoon heroes, pop culture as well as experiences from his own childhood.
He let´s his motifs revolve around the purely picturesque, involving his own body, arm and hand; the classical painter's method: acrylic or oil applied to the canvas with a brush.

In this way, the subject is filtered through the painter's temper to a greater extent.

Ronny Bank
Ronny Bank — Photo © Pål Hornburg

Art by Ronny Bank