Artist David Mesguich

David Mesguich (b. 1979 / France), is a visual and conceptual sculptor artist. He lives and works between Belgium and France.
A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Aix-en-Provence, he develops an assiduous practice of drawing in parallel to a practice of vandal graffiti.

The artist is fascinated by polygonal aesthetics, an element of the language of glitch art, the video games of the 80-90’s as well as the dramaturgy of baroque art. David Mesguich makes the digital his first place of creation, alone in the immensity of the code, he draws the beginnings of his subjects. His sculptures come to life through the encounter between three-dimensional imaging techniques and traditional modeling.

His work questions the boundaries, the limits that constrain freedom of movement in public space. David Mesguich travels around cities and develops an atypical cartography by focusing his interest on everything that, in these spaces of passage, separates and divides. Through his monumental sculptures, the artist re-appropriates a few parcels of these aseptic territories.

David Mesguich
David Mesguich

Art by David Mesguich