Artist VLEK

VLEK aka Arne Vilhelm Tellefsen (b. 1967, Norway), is a Norwegian artist, social entrepreneur, curator and producer. Working for many years within urban art, creative recovery and art communication, he was invited to speak in 2018, and contribute as an artist at NuArt-Festival from 2019-2021. He is known as one of the founding member of the street art-festival “KRS Gadekunst”, and has continued to curate and expand the street-gallery in his hometown, Kristiansand.

He started painting in the streets in the mid-eighties. Visual art and its role in the community is clearly a passion for Arne Vilhelm. After 20 years of working as a copywriter and teacher, he decided to make his personal passion a way of life. Arne Vilhelm´s artwork is characterized and has a clear focus on the idea and placement of the artwork. He also often involve the people around him in the process of making the pieces, using neighbors, students and friends in the production.

Arne Vilhelm has worked closely with prominent artists like DOT DOT DOT, Isaac Cordal, NeSpoon, Bordalo II, Mark Jenkins, Liqen, Stayone COD, Erik Ness Christensen and more. He has painted several murals, and has participated in several group-exhibitions in Norway and abroad.


Art by VLEK