Artist Andreas Englund

Andreas Englund (b. 1974 / Falun, Sweden), is mostly recognized for the photo realistic and humoristic oil paintings depicting the everyday life of an anonymous superhero. A reoccurring theme in Andreas Englund's work is about challenging stereotypes. The series ranges from the superhero’s first mission as a toddler to being an old man, still struggling with everyday trivialities.

“We don’t want to be judged on harmful and false preconceptions based on gender, age or physical appearance. Instead we want to be recognized on our own personal traits, accomplishments and abilities. Some stereotypes are referred to as good and desirable, some stereotypes are referred to as bad or degrading. But mostly: stereotypes are boring! There’s nothing more uninteresting than a happy person living a perfect life for instance. And that’s why breaking down stereotypes and challenging preconceptions will always be more interesting than to accept them."

”Highly-regarded and collectible, Englund’s work has been a mainstay at plentiful art fairs, and featured in countless magazines and books; his large-scale murals — in places like Berlin, Norway, New York, South Korea and Grand Central in Stockholm — have seen his capacity for intense photo realism reach wider audiences, and the Swede has been involved with commissions for brands like Sony Playstation. Also a noted filmmaker, the multifaceted creative let’s that cinematic edge bleed into his art, storytelling a key ingredient in paintings drenched with humour.” - James Davidson

Other themes include horses and muscle cars. The horses are painted as dalecarlia horses, a famous symbol from the Swedish region of Dalecarlia, where Andreas was born.

Andreas Englund
Andreas Englund

Art by Andreas Englund