Artist Stein Litz

Stein Litz (b. Bodø, Norway), is a visual artist based in Northern Norway.
Early in his career his main focus was stencils. His street work could be seen in many of the big cities around Europe. Living in a small city in Norway with lack of urban environment, abandoned buildings also became one of his favourite spots.

Shifting his focus to advertising and theories of public spaces he left his stencil works behind and moved into the world of advertising take over. With this work he wanted to ask questions about who owns public spaces and to get more people to be conscious of what they observe in public spaces. In this project his works are abstract and are meant to remove all meaning and visual recognition. It's about destroying the power within advertising.

Following his passion for photography his main works now is a continuation of his abstract works, only through the medium of photography, taking pictures of himself dressed in all black. Removing all visual recognition of the human shape. Only leaving an abstract form as a negative space or void.
His work can often have a disturbing aura.

Stein Litz has participated in several exhibition in Norway and internationally. He has participated in several art festivals and done public decorations. Stein Litz is a pseudonym, his real identity remains unknown.

Stein Litz
Stein Litz

Art by Stein Litz