Artist Nils Westergard

Nils Westergard aka. NILS.RVA (b. Belgium), is a nomadic Belgian-American street artist and filmmaker based in Richmond, Virginia. Starting with graffiti at a young age in the Washington, DC area he honed his skills painting tunnels, bridges, and theatrical stage sets.
His intricate hand-cut stencil work set a foundation for his studio practice and landed him at Virginia Commonwealth University where he studied film, making hip-hop music videos combining his crafts.

After graduating he set out to paint a different European city every week for 6 months, and established himself as a rising figure in the street art world. Today his massive, drippy, black and white portraits can be found on walls around the world, followed closely by his immensely detailed stencil work in galleries.

As a member of the Amsterdam based Multi-Syndicate Crew, he splits his time between Richmond, VA and Europe.

Nils Westergard
Nils Westergard

Art by Nils Westergard