Artist Mue Bon

Mue Bon (b.Thailand) has steadily built his reputation as one of the Asia’s most prolific street artists since graduated as a fine artist in 2005. From Chiang Rai to YaLa and around the world, his trademark characters have appeared at the roadside, on shop shutters and on just about any surface available to him.

In 2007 he met up with Souled Out Studios, the urban art gallery that represents two other renowned Thai street artists. Since then, his collector base has steadily grown world wide worldwide, picking up new fans and delighting existing ones in Europe and Asia, and BON is now featured as one of the gallery’s most important artists.

This was highlighted in 2013 when BON flew over to the UK to open a dedicated show alongside fellow artist London, resulting in an emphatic success for both the artists and gallery, and receiving glowing reviews from the Financial Times and other well-known publications. BON sold all 30 of his works on the opening night and went on to colour the streets of London with his art, alongside graffiti legends Inkie, The London Police and Mau Mau. In 2014 BON's first solo show, featuring a selection of paintings, sculptures, and installations, sold out in the very first week. BON’s inimitable style and ability to translate his street work into incredibly detailed and vibrant gallery paintings, sculptures, and installations, set him apart from many other Street Artists, and put him firmly at the forefront of the Asian street art.

Mue Bon
Mue Bon

Art by Mue Bon