Artist Milu Correch

Milagros Correch (b. 1991 - Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires), better known as Milu Correch, is an Argentine painter and muralist recognized internationally for her large scale murals and illustrations. Her work can be found in cities in Argentina and around the world.

Without no formal training, Correch skillfully blends traditional and modern aesthetics into striking, resonant compositions. Masterful use of color and form makes her subjects burst with life and vitality. Correch believes art should provide not answers but mysteries that spark imagination. Her works adorn walls globally, from busy cities to remote towns, leaving room for the viewer’s interpretation and wondering what story comes next.

With time, her walls got bigger and better. Milu even started working out of it and travelling with it. Today, while she is painting big walls, Milu is trying to get better with each painting.
“I love painting bigger and bigger... My house walls are small and a few. It's also a way of giving a present to the city and citizens to make waiting for the bus shorter.” Even though she is considered as a representative of female street art, Milu does not see "the place of women" or "the place of man" in street art.

Milu Correch
Milu Correch

Art by Milu Correch