Artist Mariusz Waras

Mariusz Waras (b. Gdynia, Poland), better known as M-City, is an artist from Poland, whose large-scale stencils creates, imagined cityscapes inspired by impressions from his childhood in an industrial area.

Mariusz Waras was born in the late 1970s and grew up in Gdynia, Poland, surrounded by factories, hydroelectric plants, chimneys and cranes which became a great source of inspiration for his artistic work years later. After graduating from the Department of Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, he developed his style of piecing together hundreds of carefully cut stencils to create coherent imagined cityscapes. Works up to 85 metres long prove his fascination of industrial spaces in huge dimensions. As M-City he created more than 700 murals in Warsaw, Gdansk, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bolzano, London or Prague and exhibited in several solo and group shows.

Mariusz Waras
Mariusz Waras / M-City — Photo © Bartosz Bańka

Art by Mariusz Waras