Artist Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie (b. Voronezh, Russia 1990), started drawing at a young age, influenced by Looney Tunes, Star Wars, and Batman. Over the years, what was once just a simple fun pastime, has become work that features aspects of self-empowerment and socio-criticism. Lora fell in love with the band Gorillaz and their animated music videos. She dreamed of one day working for their creative studio Zombie Flesh Eaters. Unfortunately, this did not come to pass, but it led her to create her own creative studio - Lora Zombie Studio in Toronto, Canada. Even though her work today is much sought after by art collectors, she still strongly believes that it should be affordable to everybody interested in it.

Lora caught the eye of the public for her characteristic style of Grunge Art. The artist creates artworks that perfectly balance the comic book style mixed with mythological and fairy tale creatures and the elements of grunge and punk. Through various social media platforms, she was able to introduce her work to wider audiences that gained her a massive fan base.Now followed by millions around the globe, Lora has become a best-selling urban artist with numerous solo exhibitions in Russia, New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco. She has collaborated with major companies, including Warner Brothers, HBO, Urban Nation Berlin, and Blackmilk Clothing.

For Lora, the biggest inspirations are songs and lyrics of her favorite bands, especially music by Kurt Cobain, and in collaboration with HBO, she has created a series of paintings dedicated to the musician. In addition, Lora has collaborated with the UN on the most recent project titled We Broke Night and has curated the exhibition by Eyes On Walls tilted True Colors in 2016.

Lora Zombie
Lora Zombie — Photo © Lora Zombie Studio

Art by Lora Zombie