Artist INO

INO (b.Greece) is an amazingly talented visual artist from Greece who is very present in the street art scene. He is one of the few internationally recognized Athens based artist and is best known for his outstanding figurative murals. He uses fragmented forms, photorealistic elements and gray scale color palette with touches of light blue.

INO studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, even before that in the 2000s; he started creating graffiti fonts and characters. Over the years and definitely after his studies he developed his own distinctive style that lead towards his strong presence in the art world. He has participated in numerous exhibitions through the years, almost in every continent. Moreover his work was featured in publications like, The Guardian, Reuters, and The New Your Times. His photorealistic and definitely eye-catching work often provokes strong feelings, some deeper thoughts and most excitingly, wild imagination.

Due to his believe that street art can still convey a social message he exceeds himself with the message being that man has become a slave of his creators.


Art by INO