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Igor Revelis aka. Klone (b. 1983 Harkiv, Ukraine), currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Igor's practice spans over various mediums, resulting in drawings, paintings, murals, animations and video projections to name a few. All of these “actions” later act as walls and foundations to an imaginary house, a structure to contain this identity that seems to be always slipping away due to lack of permanent(geographical/emotional) foundations. Igor seeks to define what seems so trivial to some, yet so illusive to him and many others, that live with the constant feeling of misplacement as immigrants/refugees/exiles/nomads.

While his initial steps in mark makings were in form of graffiti tagging, these later evolved into a complex visual vocabulary, rich in technique and context. He draws inspiration both from his childhood in Ussr and later Israel, his upbringing and involvement in various subcultures, history of art and contemporary aspects of globalization to its various effects on our perception of identity, borders and belonging.

Using characters, symbols, and regional iconography Igor’s work borrows from existing linguistic and iconographic traditions in hope of providing a bridge to communicate. This organic approach appeals in its attempt at universality without erasure, without requiring a blank slate mentality.

Igor is an autididact. He has an extensive studio practice and have been exhibiting internationally for over a decade with numerous solo and group exhibitions, mural projects, installations and residencies. His work can be found in numerous public and private collections and his murals adorn many walls around the world.

Klone Yourself
Klone Yourself

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