Artist Borondo

Gonzalo Borondo (Valladolid, 1989) is a multimedia artist who lives and works between Spain and Italy. Beginning as a muralist in the field of public art, his current artistic research revolves around the value of memory and heritage, with a focus on the historical and relational characteristics of spaces. By conceiving History as a continuum, the artist finds in the inherited culture and traditional iconography a myriad of symbols that are capable of renewing the perspective of the present when updated. This results in site-specific interventions that change (with) the space, examining the environment to reveal those narratives and events that have been buried within it, which could potentially make for other visions of the contemporary. Borondo’s works operate from the intersection of different media, creating enveloping atmospheres by analog and digital means. They do so by taking nature as an allegory of the spiritual, transcendent and sacred, and architecture as a transposition of that which is artificial and transitory. The connection between that which is human and the landscape also serves as a pretext to reflect on the nature of the human psyche, by articulating a dialogue between the permanent and the ephemeral, between the essential and the artificial.

One of the most relevant formal components of Borondo’s work is the temporal leap faced by the public in the artistically intervened space, which generates a different look at the past, but, most notably, unveils an alternative outlook on the present.

Since 2010, Gonzalo Borondo has collaborated with numerous institutions, festivals, museums, galleries and non-profit spaces, creating installations in England, Italy and Spain, Australia, India, Ukraine and the United States. His works have been exhibited at the Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, the MACRO Museum, Rome, the Selci Cemetery Chapel, or the former church of San Mattia, Bologna, among others. Likewise, his intervention in the Temple of Chartrons was acquired by the Musée d’art Contemporain de Bordeaux as part of its permanent collection. His solo exhibition Hereditas, curated by José María Parreño, was shown at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente, Segovia. Since 2023 he has been a full member of the Royal Academy of History and Art of San Quirce.

Gonzalo Borondo — Photo © Maurizio Annese

Art by Borondo