Artist Franco Fasoli

Franco Fasoli aka “Jaz” (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina), studied and worked in scenography at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, and studied painting with Jose Marchi, Nahuel Vecino and Diana Aisemberg. He is recognized as one of the first major graffiti writers to begin painting in the streets of Buenos Aires in the mid 1990’s.

Jaz’s artwork evolved into large-scale figurative muralism, borrowing techniques and mediums from his scenography work and the political graffiti which characterizes the urban landscape of Buenos Aires. He works in blended mediums of latex paint, tar and gasoline, as well as in acrylic, aerosol and paper collage.

The artist explores identity, on both a personal and cultural level, in pieces that feature hybrid creatures, which are part man, part beast. His compositions are characterized by conflict and duality, and frequently reference popular culture and local traditions, with a particular emphasis on Latin American themes.

Franco Fasoli
Franco Fasoli aka. JAZ — Photo © Mabel Ho

Art by Franco Fasoli