Artist Deih

Deih (b. 1979 / Valencia, Spain), started painting graffiti in early 90's before he crossed over to doing more conceptual and figurative painting on walls in mid 2000. Inspired by Japanese imagery, symbols and history, Deih works as an illustrator, 2d animator, muralist and film director. He is famously known worldwide for his unique style of execution.

"I have painted graffiti since 1993, and I still love it. I draw, I breath. I am developing a project called “The Insider”, which is part of an introspective investigation on my feelings and my life. I draw my inner life, as I consider that the particular way of relating to the others and oneself (and the impasses one undergoes through that process) are the very core of any attempt of creation. Thus, I understand science-fiction representational codes as a way to achieve (to construct) a personal truth, as I think that truth has a fictional structure."

DEIH — Photo © Nika Kramer

Art by Deih