Artist Animalito

Graciela “Animalitoland” (b.Argentina), translates emotions into fantastical creatures through vibrant acrylic paintings that blend graphic and tridimensional elements. Inspired by her nomadic life, she bridges the reality we know with the boundless realm of imagination. Her use of vivid colors and a compelling play of light invites viewers to explore a world of acceptance and understanding.

Born in Argentina, Graciela got her first digital pen in 1999 and taught herself to draw with all the colors of the screen, influenced by comics & anime. She graduated as Graphic Designer from University of Buenos Aires, and specialized in Character Design for commercial and artistic projects. In 2011 she started painting freely in the streets, which changed her life in many ways. In 2014 she quit her designer job to become a full time artist and a world nomad. Fully committed to art, she’s on a quest to explore life, mixing traditional & new media on her everchanging path.

Graciela has created a global artistic footprint with over 60 murals across the American continent, Europe, and Asia. Her solo show “Corteza Invisible” at Swinton Gallery Madrid, and her talk at Pictoplasma Berlin further showcase her artistic journey, while her murals finds recognition in books like Lonely Planet’s “Street Art” and Hoaki Press’ “Street Art by Women“. Now based in Los Angeles after living in Argentina, Spain, and Canada, Graciela continues to unlock emotional landscapes, sharing her quest for inner peace.

Animalito — Photo © Angel Sanchez

Art by Animalito