Artist Baard Martinussen

Baard Martinussen aka. Baard BMart (b. 1969 / Norway) is a Norwegian digital designer & artist living & working in Steinkjer near Trondheim in Norway. His work is described as urban, dreaming and surprising because of the way he connects different elements from the non-existent world and the existing world.

"I like to create uncommon things by mixing existing elements together. To me there is no problem to live in the country side and make urban art", Baard says. "If you ask me, there is selv-evident that Audrey Hepburn can take a timet travel to the Opera House in Oslo".

From Baard was 1 year old to 15 years old, his life was filled with many visits to the hospital. It was at that time he picked up pencils and brushes and started to make his art. Through the art Baard got the opportunity to express his feelings and develope his creativity.

He started his professional artist career in the year 2000 and he has presented his works through several solo exhibitions in Norway and abroad. From the year 2008 Baard was more drawn towards digital artwork. This is a tool he has used in several occasions since 1996, but he finally made the step to go all inn.

Baards art has been more and more noticed in the interior world and has gotten more and more popular.

Baard Martinussen
Baard Martinussen

Art by Baard Martinussen